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How to better position the boring machine

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2022-09-06

Boring machine is a kind of equipment for processing deep hole workpieces. It is often used to process oil cylinders, cylinders, etc. It can also be used in the field of machine tools to process spindle holes, blind holes and stepped holes of machine tools. A technology of boring machines Live, let's take a look at how the boring machine is positioned.


The positioning device of the boring machine is characterized in that it includes a positioning seat, a positioning top core and at least three identical positioning columns, the positioning seat includes a support seat and a positioning sleeve, and at least three positioning sleeves are arranged on the side wall The through holes matched with the positioning column, each through hole is perpendicular to the center line of the positioning sleeve, the positioning top core is in the shape of a nail, its fixed end is provided with a nail cap, its working end is a cone, and the cone is against the The inner end of each positioning column. Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effect of the utility model is that the positioning device of the boring machine has a simple structure, is convenient to use, accurate positioning, low cost, easy to realize, and greatly improves the production efficiency.

Boring machines are also used for boring cylinder bores and inner bores of internal combustion engines such as automobiles and tractors, as well as for precision boring of inner bores of other mechanical parts.

The available fields of boring machines are still relatively wide, and with the progress of production technology, the working efficiency and stability of boring machines have been greatly improved. If you need to buy boring machines, please contact us for consultation.