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Construction machinery boring machine you have to know about the application

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-12-09

Construction machinery boring machine is mainly for on-site maintenance of construction machinery developed a field processing equipment, mainly for small and medium-sized pipe and pin hole processing and repair, construction machinery repair industry is an essential tool, Widely used in excavators, loaders, cranes, crawler cranes and large marine crane on the hole processing and repair.

Construction machinery boring machine is a combination of the needs of the market, and developed a new type of boring machine, the machine uses aluminum frame, light weight, the main rotation and feed, respectively, using two motor-driven, can be achieved Stepless speed regulation, superior performance, good stability. Design completely from the on-site maintenance starting, the whole operation of a person can be completed, greatly improving the efficiency of the host weight 40KG, convenient lightweight, is your on-site right-hand man. Since the promotion of the product market, more and more by the majority of users won for customers to create a considerable profit. Construction machinery boring machine is more superior performance of similar products, cost-effective, hope that the majority of customers came to discuss.

A variety of construction machinery shaft pin hole, rotary hole, the main arm connecting hole, hole drilling and processing after welding repair. Presses, loaders, cranes and other construction machinery concentric holes, multi-row hole processing and repair, a positioning and installation, you can ensure the concentricity of multiple holes.