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Mobile boring machine development is mainly reflected in what areas

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-12-09

Through the understanding and use of mobile boring machine, the current domestic engineering application of boring machine is also more comprehensive and more convenient, the development and production of such boring equipment has also been very effective promotion, making the whole Various types of Korean are followed by favorable promotion.

For the development of such equipment, mainly in the following areas:

The first is in the price above, it will certainly make better adjustments, for example, the current mobile boring machine, although the current production costs are relatively high, but through the installation of open-air lines and other aspects of the cost-cutting operation Making the price of equipment better able to get the customer's approval.

The second is the mobile is the more crucial is the need to enhance the number of units it produces per hour, to achieve results in this regard, can certainly be effectively promoted, especially the mobile device itself is mobile as a selling point, relatively speaking Productivity is not strong enough, so instead we need to pay more attention to it in this respect, so that we can really get better results.

In addition, this type of mobile boring machine also need to pay attention to one point is that the overall standardization of a note, different brands, different specifications of the boring equipment, the size may be produced more or less will be different, this point At present, the entire industry needs to be improved. A uniform standard should be set in order to make this kind of equipment have a better development direction.