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The characteristics of the internal welding machine you know how much

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-12-20

Internal welding machine is a newly developed Division I dedicated to the mold, casting machine does not contain a variety of high-precision parts repair welding machine, the accuracy of the series of welding machine to meet or exceed the precision welding laser welding, At the same time by argon welding speed, flexibility, with high practicability, is the real helper to repair the industry.

Internal welding machine features:

1, High welding accuracy: Due to the welding machine output current, time are precisely controlled, current, time range can be adjusted, 2A small current can be stable operation, so even 0.2mm, 0.2mm wire Can get the perfect welding, laser welding to achieve welding precision;

2, the smaller thermal effects: due to welding current, the time is precisely controlled, therefore, the input energy can be precisely controlled to ensure that the input energy is only enough for welding wire and the integration between the workpiece, there will not be too much Of the energy acting on the workpiece, so that the workpiece surface heat affected to lower, so as to achieve the desired effect of repair;

3, a minimal welding impact: due to the use of advanced technology, the arc welding current, time are several times lower than the general argon welding, welding process to overcome the impact on the workpiece, even if there is no processing The margin of the workpiece surface can be repaired;

4, a high degree of integration: The welding machine belongs to argon arc welding machine, welding. High degree of bonding after welding. Applicable to a variety of processing methods, will not appear other types of cold welding after welding combination is not strong, off and so on;

5, suitable for welding welding in different parts

A, the flat part of the depression, hole, hole welding repair.

B, slit, groove.

C, angular, corrugated line, spikes.

D, trachoma and the general after the argon arc welding depression.

E, welding welding EDM, nitriding and nitrocarburizing after the mold.