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Light boring machine to make machinery more accurate production

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-12-25

A machine consists of many parts, the installation of these parts need to use screws to fix the screws or parts need to install the hole, then the holes in the machine like the foundation of the house, the hole of high quality to keep the machine parts The stability of the general machine surface are made of high quality metal, so the surface of the machine into the hole is more difficult, ordinary wall material is relatively soft, wall drilling is also very simple, as long as ordinary drilling machine can wall On the hole, but the metal surface boring need boring machine can be completed, and the metal surface of the machine quality requirements are higher, the general drilling machine easy to leave traces on the machine surface, boring machine for the metal hole quality Is very high, the hole made with a light boring machine has a high degree of smoothness inside, and the inner surface of the hole contains less impurities, so that the bolting of the machine will be firmer.

The hole on the surface of the machine is very demanding for the verticality. The verticality of the hole is perpendicular to the surface of the material and the verticality of the hole directly affects the fixing of the bolt. Generally, the punching machine measures the verticality by hand , So ordinary hole drilling machine into the hole verticality is not high, the machine for hole verticality requirements are higher, boring machine and ordinary drilling machine is not the same, the boring machine itself has a stable part, And when drilling the stability of the boring machine is very high, so light boring machine is more suitable for the machine into the hole, boring machine hole forming accuracy than ordinary drilling machines, and more boring Punch metal drilling machine to face the target will not affect the accuracy of drilling.

Light boring machine is an efficient hole forming machine, used in machinery production can reduce the production difficulty and improve the precision of the machine.