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Portable boring machine range of applications and performance characteristics

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-04

Portable boring machine is widely used in a wide range of applications, such as excavators, cranes and other engineering equipment, is mainly used to process small pipe holes and concentric spaced holes, its compact structure, strong stability, to meet various industry pairs Boring requirements.

Portable boring machine range of applications:

1, a variety of mechanical structures on the rotating hole, hinge hole, shaft pin hole, the installation of fixed hole processing and repair;

2, excavators, cranes and other heavy machinery concentric hole repair and processing;

3, Porous side by side, one-time positioning of the porous processing, to ensure porous coaxiality.

Portable boring machine features:

1, in its processing range, to provide a smooth and efficient power transmission;

2, not only the support of spherical bearings, bearing their own high precision, good strength, and its positioning is still cocoa regulation;

3, compact structure, only need less space to install the drive and feed device;

4, the use of more extensive, you can boring the rudder ship mounting holes, 艉 shaft hole, boring large crane mounting holes, or large generator mounting holes.

Portable boring machine is a portable product, can work in a small area, and strong stability, can adapt to a variety of operating environment, very convenient.