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How the portable boring machine works

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-31

Portable boring machine is a process. For those heavy machinery, due to heavy lead to transport to the repair shop is too expensive, you can use the process of on-site repair equipment. The ID of the bearing hole and pin, and almost all the inside/outside diameter to the factory specification, it also provides an excellent method for the new manufacturer of semi-finished processing, which can boring any size hole at any angle with any precision tolerance.

This is a variety of precision boring methods. Fast and accurate, and when combined with precision honing, the accuracy is excellent. Onsite maintenance eliminates costly downtime and shipping costs. These advantages make precision portable boring machines very cost-effective.

In the production and maintenance of new products, you will be able to install and quickly make a large area of cutting. For example, one pass through a heavy welding inside diameter, 1-inch cutting volume through 4 parallel bore removed, the inner hole diameter of 6.75 inches, each 4 inches long, allow the use of a manual feed system according to the cutting feeling, the average time for each pass is 10 minutes.

At this rate, just 40 minutes will remove 1/2 on each side, or 16-inch bore, 1-inch cutter cutting. What a great boring!

You will be able to produce multiple series of straight row holes with multiple holes positioned within the 001 "positioning tolerance range." The gear train is a good example of this type of portable boring machine.

Properly used, the precision portable boring machine can not be bored boring hole diameter, which is more expensive and faster than other methods to repair large machinery. A machine 8 ' wide x20 ' high x60 ' long, requiring 4 holes to be recovered, 13 ", deep 3" in each hole, with the same hole with 4 separated by 44. This is an ordinary portable boring machine for our equipment, so sophisticated portable boring machine can save a lot of money.