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Some basic operation methods of using on-site maintenance boring machine

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-27

On-Site maintenance boring machine is a very used construction machinery, can quickly create a large number of projects in the very use of the workpiece, such as oil cylinders, gas boxes, in a variety of industrial equipment production has played a very important role, and the use of such equipment and operation, need to be specially studied by the staff to carry out, And the operation of the process should be in accordance with the specifications in the manual to comply with, only in this way to better ensure the correct application of the entire equipment.

The boring machine should make a comprehensive inspection of the equipment before turning it on. First look at the equipment parts of the connection is in place, to remove loose loose the problem, but also need to pay attention to a device and the ground is firmly fixed, and then need to be based on the production needs, select the appropriate mold in the equipment to hang use.

Next we need to connect the boring machine to run idling, at this time should not be placed in the equipment need to cut the material, but should keep the fuselage idling, in the normal idling 10 minutes, you can in the conveyor belt inside the machine to put the corresponding materials, the formal start of the production, if in the idling time to find problems, Then it is necessary to shut down the computer in time for inspection.

Secondly, after the workpiece is cut or drilled, the finished workpiece can be removed for special care. and custody, while the use of boring machine to pay attention to the shutdown is not the last, the machine will be disconnected from the power, cleaning and maintenance, is after the process, the use of the end of the day, all need to carry out such operations, will be able to bring better equipment to use the protection.