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The use of light boring machine in all walks of life

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-02-09

Light boring machineis mainly to the construction machinery on-site processing maintenance and production of a field processing equipment, in general, mainly using small and medium pipe and shaft slightly hole processing and its recovery, in the machinery maintenance industry boring machine is one of the necessary tools, is widely used in cranes, loaders, Excavator large cranes and crawler cranes on the hole processing and repair work.

Light boring machine is a combination of market demand, and research and development of a new type of boring machine, the overall use of aluminum alloy frame, light quality, main rotation and feed respectively using two motor drive, can achieve stepless speed regulation, superior performance, good stability. Design completely from the on-site maintenance, complete the operation of a person can be completed, greatly improve the efficiency, the host weight of 40KG, convenient and lightweight, is your right-hand man at the scene. Since the product promotion market, more and more by the vast number of users, for customers to create a considerable profit. Light boring machine is the superior performance of similar products in China, cost-effective, hope that the broad masses of customers come to negotiate.

Light boring machine is mainly used in the deep hole processing machinery and equipment of oil cylinder and cylinder, the machine bed is rigid, the accuracy is good, the spindle rotational speed range is wide, the feed system is driven by the AC servo motor, can adapt various deep hole processing craft the need, the oil collector fastening and the work piece top fastening uses the hydraulic device, the meter displays, the security is reliable.

The light boring machine is also used for boring the internal hole of the cylinder and cylinder of the automobile and tractor, and can also be used for the precision boring machining of the inner hole of other mechanical parts.