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Introduction of the product parameters of automatic inner hole welding machine

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-15

Automatic inner hole Welder is specially designed for on-site construction equipment, small size, light weight, good welding quality. For the use of the environment and space requirements are not high, easy to carry, widely used in large-scale equipment, construction machinery, pin hole, bearing holes, such as the repair of the hole, is the industrial and mining enterprises, engineering site maintenance of the necessary tools.

Product parameter:

Working voltage: AC 220v/50hz;

Higher Power: 100W;

Machine Weight: 11KG;

Machine size: l400*w210*h290;

Spindle speed: stepless adjustment 0-20r/min;

Welding range: φ55-150mm;

Wire Diameter: recommended to use 1.0;

Axial formation: 255mm.

The automatic inner hole welder is suitable for repairing welding of various holes such as shaft pin hole, pipe hole and so on, within the aperture 45mm-260mm range, the welding length can reach 260mm. Automatic inner hole welder and our various models of boring machine fixed installation method want the same, can be ideal combination of use.

Automatic inner hole welding machine to achieve automation, convenient and fast, good quality after welding, high efficiency, and to a large extent liberated the labor intensity of workers, is currently more advanced internal hole welding machine.