Portable circular seam automatic welding machine

Portable circular seam automatic welding machine
Portable circular seam automatic welding machine

Advantages of portable circular seam automatic welding machine:

1, One-time investment, life-long use;

2, Can work continuously, high work efficiency;

3. Reduce management costs and solve management problems;

4. Stable quality and long service life.

Servo absolute value motor is used, which has higher precision than ordinary servo and has memory function. It is processed by advanced equipment and the quality is checked at every level. Advanced guide rail screw ensures the accuracy of transmission and the life of the equipment; it uses imported wiring harness, codes and labels, and refuses to stroke It's not clear, and it's still a mess.

The quality is high-standard materials, not ordinary rate casting thickened profiles. Advanced equipment is used to process first, the quality is checked at every level, and the automatic oiling system saves you troubles in maintaining equipment in the future.

  Product parameters:

Working voltage: AC 220v\/50hz

Maximum power: 100W

Machine weight: 11KG

Machine size: L 400 W 210 H 290

Spindle speed: 0.1-5.0r\/min

Welding range: Φ55-250mm

Axial stroke: 245mm

Wire diameter: Φ1.0 is recommended

  Environmental conditions:

Ambient temperature: -10 degrees Celsius - plus 40 degrees Celsius .

Storage temperature: -25 degrees Celsius - plus 55 degrees Celsius .

Relative humidity: less than or equal to 85% at 20 degrees Celsius

40 degrees Celsius or less than 50%

It should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to prevent direct sunlight and rain;

For long-term storage, please apply oil to the screw and guide rail.