Circular Seam Automatic Welding Machine

Circular Seam Automatic Welding Machine
Circular Seam Automatic Welding Machine

The circular seam automatic welding machine is a general-purpose equipment that can complete various circular and circular cold wind welding, and can be used for high-quality welding of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel, aluminum and its alloys.

The circular seam automatic welding machine can be widely used in the welding of hydraulic oil cylinders, transmission shafts, air storage tanks, chemical and medical containers, automobile steering frames, liquefied gas tanks, fire fighting equipment, rollers and liquid storage tanks for mines and production lines.

  Performance characteristics of circular seam automatic welding machine:

The bed adopts a horizontal structure, which is finished by welded structural parts after annealing, so as to ensure that the guide rails of the bed are not deformed;

The rotary machine head is driven by a DC motor or an AC variable frequency motor, and the speed is stable and reliable;

A welding fixture or a 3-jaw chuck is installed at the end of the spindle for clamping and positioning the workpiece;

The tailstock can be tightened pneumatically or manually, and the end can choose different welding fixtures or movable tops according to the different workpiece forms;

The tailstock can slide on the guide rail of the bed, and the distance between the headstock and the tailstock can be adjusted to suit workpieces of different lengths;

The welding gun mechanism can move to the corresponding position along the direction of the guide rail according to the different welding positions of the workpiece.

  Safety Precautions:

Ask professionals to use and maintain it.

Do not touch live parts, which may cause fatal electric shock or burns.

Ask professionals to reliably ground according to regulations.

Installation, inspection and maintenance must be carried out after the power is cut off.

Arc light and splash will burn eyes and skin, please take good protection.

Welding fume and gas are harmful to the body, please pay attention to dust prevention and ventilation.

Welding may cause fire and explosion, please keep away from flammable and explosive items.