Automatic hole welder

Automatic hole welder
Automatic hole welder

Automated internal welders use welding wire as a repair material, using a precisely controlled high-energy electric arc to weld the feed material to the workpiece and combine them.

Automatic hole welding features:

1, power, repair speed, surfacing welding, can be widely used in a variety of steel, copper, aluminum and related alloys, especially for a larger number of repair;

2, high welding strength, complete metallurgical welding, penetration depth, the effect comparable to laser welding;

3, high repair precision, can be used to repair the round wire complement, will not lose the original reference surface, less excess solder, post plastic surgery easy;

4, substrate damage, fever is small, will not cause deformation of the substrate annealing;

5, easy to carry, the whole small size, light weight, can be repaired on-site welding.