Pressing machine

Pressing machine
Pressing machine

The press machine is suitable for press fitting of various track engineering machinery equipment bushings. It is an indispensable equipment for engineering machinery maintenance enterprises. This equipment adopts two-way hydraulic loading system, which reduces oil circuit, easy maintenance and dexterous operation. The model is divided into electric and manual, and the user can choose according to his actual situation. The presser is a hydraulic power tool. To avoid possible major personal injury, read the instructions, warnings and precautions carefully before use.
The press machine is a combination of a hollow cylinder, a lead screw, a trapezoidal tooling, a rotating fixed plate and a hydraulic pumping station. The hydraulic energy is converted into mechanical energy, and the special tool for the steel casing of the crawler excavator is pressed.
With the SYB-2B-S large-flow manual reversing pump (for field operation), the electric pump (220V, 380V) is used as the power source to make the hydraulic cylinder move forward quickly, so that the steel sleeve can be smoothly pressed. A method of replacing human hammering. Ensure that the steel sleeve is intact and not damaged. It is an ideal special tool for the repair and assembly of crawler excavators.
1. Add 46# hydraulic oil to the pumping station tank before use. All pump stations are controlled by manual reversing valves at ports A and B. After the pump station and cylinder are connected, the manual pump is used for a few air pressures before use, and the electric pump is operated several times to discharge the air in the tank.
2. Insert the screw into the shaft hole of the steel sleeve, put the steel sleeve on the screw, take the trapezoidal tooling and align it with the appropriate trapezoidal sleeve, put the hollow cylinder on the screw, and then fix the two ends with rotation. The disc is tightened and fixed, and the pump station and the cylinder are connected by two high-pressure hoses.
3. The hydraulic pump station is a two-way double oil control valve, that is, the A and B double outlets are respectively connected to the oil inlet and the oil outlet of the oil cylinder, and the A oil outlet is the control cylinder and the steel sleeve is easily pressed, B is After the oil return sleeve is pressed, the cylinder is retracted. The entire press process is easy to complete.
Special note: The system pressure is 63MPA high pressure. In order not to cause damage to the equipment and hidden dangers to personal safety, the pressure should not be increased at will during use! ! !
The main technical parameters of the press machine:
Cylinder stroke: 100mm
Cylinder thrust: 75T
Cylinder aperture: 50mm
Compression sleeve range: 60-120mm (other parameters can be customized)
SYB-2S manual oil pump:
Working pressure (MPa): high pressure: 63 low pressure: 1
Large displacement (ml/time): high pressure: 2.3 low pressure: 12.5
Fuel tank capacity (L): 3L
Medium: 46# hydraulic oil SYB-2S-B large displacement manual reversing oil pump:
Manual reversing pump with large hand force: 50Kg
Working pressure: high pressure 0-63Mpa low pressure 4Mpa
Working flow: high pressure flow 7ml/time low pressure flow 50ml/time tank capacity (L): 13L
Medium: 46# hydraulic oil DBS1.2 electric pump:
Motor power: 1.5KW 220V or 380V
Working pressure: 0-63Mpa
Working flow: 1.2L/min
Fuel tank capacity (L): 16L
Medium: 46# hydraulic oil